Spring 2019 Schedule

Mark your calendar for the below dates and times

NEW MOON April 5 2019. 12 noon PST

FULL MOON April 19 2019. 12 noon. PST

NEW MOON May 3 2019. 12 noon PST

FULL MOON May 17 2019. 12 noon. PST

Call Access


The new and full moons are portal times for planting seeds, healing the past, manifesting, purifying and celebrating. So we work with focus during those times to align with the planetary powers and our sacred relationship to them to create with Highest good of all.

In addition to new and full moon calls, you have full access to library of over 100 meditations, interviews and vidoe blogs on awakening. Access it here – Sign in is your first name and passcode is your email.

Zoom session link  https://zoom.us/j/7229219634